New Photos of Somerville House

We have come in contact with a wonderful photographer, Jane Messinger, who happens to be a neighbor to the project we did in Somerville last year. Jane has taken some amazing photos, full of spirit, and a real sense of the life being lived in this house. This is something you don't see enough of in architectural photography today, where everything tends to be spotless and sterile, and therefore rather fake. She has graciously agreed to allow us to share a link - let us know what you think:  http://janemessinger.com/27-oxford


Hurley Street Project in Cambridge

New renderings of our Hurley Street Project in Cambridge, a 14,000 SF base building renovation - with Jones Architecture. http://www.jonesarch.com/ 


Pictures and Videos of Home ReSource Fencade

We recently hired Steven Begleiter to photograph the Home ReSource Fencade in Missoula, MT, and he has done a write-up on his newsletter here. We hope to share some more of his wonderful images soon!

While we were there we stumbled across a number of fun videos produced by the HR team of the Fencade and it's construction process. Below is a link to part one. Parts 2-8 are also on Youtube in case you just can't get enough.


Site Visit: Lauer House

click to enlarge:

These are a few of our own photos of our project in Somerville. The exterior landscaping is still a work in progress, but the house itself is done. We hope to pursue publication of the project soon.
The Lauer House has been a fantastic project for us. The client came to us with a unique double lot in a dense urban location that was filled with a beautiful orchard of fruit trees, grape vines, and garden plots.  DHA’s first move was to demolish an expansive field of asphalt and chain link fence, along with the rear portion of the existing residence in order to create a link between the home and its landscape.

The entry sequence to the house is re-orchestrated to guide visitors up a stone walkway and under a cherry tree to the front door. The entry to the home is placed at the intersection of the public spaces in the new wing, and private spaces contained within the original gable-roofed house.  The contemporary  single story addition attached to the rear of the original house consists of the kitchen, dining area, living room, and patio. It reaches out into the orchard, placing an open platform at its eastern end, surrounded by fruit trees.  

DHA Team:  Dan Hisel, Principal;  Dan Ollila, Project Manager
General Contractor: Other City Builders
Structural Engineer: Daniel Bonardi Consulting Engineers

Windows: Shucco
Exterior cladding: Cedar, Rheinzink


the realtor's video of 34 Bromfield

the painter's not done, so please pardon the exterior...  (and the music).

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News and Updates

2011 was a busy year for us and a major update to our website is in the works! Until that comes out you can find the most recent news about DAN HISEL ARCHITECT at our new Facebook page!

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Fencade Lumber shed nearing completion in MT

DHA's largest building (in cubic feet) to date is nearing completion in Missoula Montana. Designed for Home Resource, a building materials recycling center, the "Fencade" as they call it was designed to use nearly 85% recycled building materials from the non-profit's own stockpile of materials. Existing 6x6 posts, 2x12s and huge wood trusses were assembled together by a crack team of volunteers and in-house construction experts.